Weekly News Roundup (3 June 2016) – Real Estate News Under 100 Words


2 Years of Modi Govt. and Indian Real Estate Industry
The fact cannot be denied that last 24 months have seen some really remarkable policy level initiatives, that once realized holds the capacity of entailing significant changes on the coordinates of Indian real estate. Read more

Lucknow real estate to get a boost with ‘Smart city’ tag
According to recent Reserve Bank of India report, Lucknow witnessed the highest increase in housing prices in the country rose during the October-December quarter of the 2015-16. On an annual basis, in Q3:2015-16, Lucknow witnessed the highest increase of 16.1 per cent. Read more

Real Estate going the digital way
Digital has created more avenues for brands to engage meaningfully with their consumer. Fuelled by the increase of portable devices and internet penetration into the Indian heartland, digital is the best and more ROI centric medium for all brands, categories and sectors. Real Estate is no exception. Read more

Right time to invest as Indian realty set for boom
Besides the bright growth prospects, the implementation of the long-awaited real estate bill is providing investors greater assurance on the safety of their capital while helping them make more informed decisions, said R. Srividya, General Manager, Corporate Sales & Brand Engagement, Sumansa Exhibitions. Read more

Property developers struggling to deliver apartments on time
The resident associations, representing these two projects, then took up the matter with various government authorities, putting pressure on the developer to restart construction and start delivering the homes. Read more

Gain to affordable housing is a loss to rental housing
Rental real estate market has served as a backbone for the Indian realty sector for decades and it has significantly contributed towards the growth of the realty sector. But as the affordable housing segment grows, rental housing aspect will be on the loosing end. Read more

More Indian Expats Investing in Property in India
While Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune are still the most popular cities for NRI investments, investors are also showing interest in cities like Chennai and Hyderabad where there are higher chances of capital appreciation. Read more

Luxury flat developers focus on leasing to ride out sales slump
The developer is now planning to lease out 10-15% of the flats at its Signature Island inventory and helping clients, who have already bought flats in the luxury project, rent out their individual properties. Read more

Buying a property? Choose a licenced broker only
A buyer can seek the services of an organised real estate consultant, to buy in under-construction or upcoming properties or even in established localities (resale). For a property seller, there is always a brokerage charge that one needs to pay and organised brokerage firms may charge a premium over regular brokers. Read more

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