Real Estate India: New Completions Declined by 8 Mln Sq. Ft. in Major Cities Between 2010 and 2015

Real Estate in India is on a downward spiral. Experts believe that this is because the speed of construction has gone down tremendously. There are many reasons for this slowdown majority being the decreasing number of buyers and increasing cost of houses. In the below table you can see how the new completions have dropped almost 8 Mln Sq. Ft. between 2010 and 2015. The numbers look scary enough. This is the time when industry has to do an introspection and look for ways to turn this downward trend in opposite direction.

Project launches: Office Projects


Project launches: Residential Projects


Let’s hope that we see a positive change in these numbers as it will bring cheers and smiles for all people involved in Real Estate in India, be it developers, brokers, buyers, sellers, etc.

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  1. Excellent articles, superb blog. Keep it up & let more of it flowing. Thanks, VISHAL WAMAN.

    • Team BroEx

      Thank you for your kind response. It is our endeavour to bring latest and useful information for our users and readers.

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