Pertinence of Real Estate Brokers in India


The real estate brokers are the cornerstone of the real estate industry in India. It is they who hold the pulse of the market. For most people looking to buy, sell or rent a house, a broker is the bridge to getting the right house or the right seller. When a person is looking for a property in a particular area, brokers are the ones with the required information—which apartment blocks do not have legal issues, where the owners want to make a quick sale, which building has a ground floor house available, and many such factors that play a role when an individual goes to buy or rent a house. They are the front end of the business, the first point of contact for the customer.

High real estate prices, too, create a need for brokers. In an efficient market, their role is limited. Their role rises and falls in sync with the industry cycle. As real estate prices rise, people reach out to brokers to help them find houses within their budget. According to a recent study, it is found that while the Bangalore city is a hub of information technology (IT) professionals, few units are bought by them. Houses are being bought mostly by entrepreneurs or the self-employed who are either looking for an upgrade or investment. The salary levels of most IT professionals do not allow them to buy houses.

Brokers play an even more essential role in the resale property market—they are the most effective way for owners to reach customers. For example, a builder can afford to publish advertisements. But individual home owners may not have that capability. This is where brokers become the essential channel.

As a boon to brokers to stay relevant, technology-related solutions like BroEx has made inroads into the highly disorganized brokerage industry in the country and provided a platform to real estate to brokers to connect and collaborate with each other to close the deals faster. This has made the local broker to embrace the technology to address the growing competition in the real estate industry.

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BroEx is the largest go-to application platform for Real Estate Brokers to connect with each other to network and collaborate with each other to fulfill their business requirements reliably and quickly.

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