Noida Extension: The New Commercial Real Estate Capital of India


Noida Extension is one of the National Capital Regions that is famous for its real estate business. Seen on a general platform, there are three specified locations under industrialized Uttar Pradesh (UP), which are are Noida, Greater Noida and Noida extension, and the last one was coined to differentiate the area from Noida and Greater Noida.

The Greater Noida authority decided to name it Greater Noida (West), which was controlled by the Greater Noida Industrial Development. This was basically to express the property buyers that the area is near to Noida as compared to Greater Noida. This section of property was demarcated to propose affordable homing and commercial property in Noida Extension for the buyers.

Assistive factors making the area apt for Commercial property

Occupied in 3,635 hectares the land is some kilometers away from sec. 121, Noida which ultimately reaches to sec. 1,2,3,4,1O,12, 16B, 16C and Knowledge Park 5 of Greater Noida.

These sectors have the maximum of IT offices and other businesses that make Extension a willing to live and working area as an easy reach to the offices can be savored.

Other amenities like low land rates, affluent metro connection and broadened roads all make this a destination place for all.

The other factors like availability of skilled manpower and throughout electricity supply make it reasonable for the business minded populace to buy the property.

Widened roads, 24*7 water availability are another in the row that give the location an extra edge over the other preferred areas.

What commercial projects does the location have for you?

The area has various potential commercial property for sale in Noida Extension available that includes commercial shops, official sites, IT plots, business floors etc. To name some, we have:

  • Aadhar the business capital
  • Shubhkamna City Plaza
  • Avi Street
  • UTC Code 60
  • Amrapali West Galleria Mall
  • Gaur City centre
  • Imperia Onyx
  • Imperia Cyber Business Center

This is not an exhaustive list, still these are some of the major projects. In addition, the area promises security and contentment to the ones who buy the residential property too. If someone is planning to buy a property to establish a house here, then it is an apt location to live in as the area has a good water and power connection. The availability of cinemas, shopping plazas, playgrounds, cafeterias etc. entices the working population specially to buy the property. As the best of all is the world-class transport facility that makes them tension free to reach their offices in time.

Thus, Noida Extension fulfills all the necessary terms and conditions that need to be kept in mind while buying a property like best area planners with best builders, best returns in the form of available luxurious factors and various others that assure you on every property related aspects and hassle free business continuity. Don’t wait!

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