Maharashtra Property Registration Information | 24 August 2016

Data is provided by Department of Registration & Stamps, Government of Maharashtra.

(As of 24 August 2016, 17.30 p.m.)

  • Total properties registered today are 7747 (7 Thousand), resulting in the revenue of Rs. 56 Cr.
  • Total properties registered this month are 1,344,88, (1 Lac 34 Thousand) resulting in the revenue of Rs. 1,003 Cr.
  • Total properties registered this year are 9,210,79 (9 lacs), resulting in the revenue of Rs. 6,582 Cr.

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  1. Great app

  2. Thanks for good information shared regarding @7000 Cr. Rs collection by Mah.govt.through documents registration.Govt. is not working properly and harassing in many ways to the people. As almost all officers are irresponsible greedy stupid careless and do not know humanity.They are creating hell let govt put them in to jail,if want good days in real stance.—- by experienced land developer civil engineer business person ad master of land laws and Follower of Osho— Sw Sudhir — Sudhir Pungaliya.

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