Celebrating Success! Deal closed via BroEx Gets a Special Mention on the App


As more and more deals are closing via the BroEx network, we want to highlight the brokers who had worked hard to close the deal. We have come out with a special feature on the app where every user who confirms closing a deal with the help of BroEx network, will be highlighted via a deal closure celebration card on the app. This card will be seen by all BroEx users in their news feed.

Currently on the app when a user tries to remove / delete the listing made by him, is being asked the reason for deletion. If that is due to a deal closure and user selects that option, then our system automatically tags the user photo / profile with deal closure card, which is then added to the news feed of all BroEx users that is more than 80,000.

Apart from system tagging users with deal closure, our team also looks for deals closed via BroEx. If we find out a successfully closed deal, we tag both requirement and inventory side brokers on deal closure card. This update is then shown to all BroEx users on their news feed.

We have made this feature available on the app to show our users the benefits of the app. Through this feature we can highlight the users whose deals are closing because of the connection they made through the app. In addition, now all users can see for themselves the brokers and the deal they have closed.

Everybody loves a little appreciation. If you have also closed a deal with the help of BroEx network or know anyone in your network who had done so, then please let us know at feedback@okutech.in.

(Note: This feature is visible only to users who have updated the app to the latest version. If you haven’t done it already, then click here to update http://broex.in/d/update)

Team BroEx

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