BroEx and Housejoy Association to Bring Smiles to Homeowners


We have associated with Housejoy to provide exclusive coupons to brokers using the BroEx app, which they can share with their clients who can then get Rs. 350 off on any service.

Housejoy has a team of professionals that helps with home cleaning, electrical installation & repair, plumbing, in-home beauty services, in-home fitness, laundry, mobile & laptop repair, pest control, carpenter services, and painting& more.

As Brokers are the first point of contact for people when they move into a new city. Along with helping them find a perfect home, they also help people settle-in in their new abodes in the smoothest way possible, which involves providing handyman services, appliance installations, repair work, etc.

Brokers often face tough time closing deals for clients who are on a lookout for a developed society where everything is available within the premises as they hardly know anything around. By recommending Housejoy services and offering their clients a discount coupon will help the brokers to maintain and nourish their relationship with their clients. After finding a house, getting in touch with household service providers is the next important thing. BroEx users shall fulfil this by referring them to Housejoy’s services.

After getting the coupons codes from brokers on BroEx, homeowners can choose a service on the Housejoy app to schedule a date and time and use the exclusive coupon code given to get Rs. 350 off on the service. At Housejoy, home-maintenance problems will be resolved in the shortest possible time and to complete satisfaction.

Offer is open only for BroEx App users.

Team BroEx

BroEx is the largest go-to application platform for Real Estate Brokers to connect with each other to network and collaborate with each other to fulfill their business requirements reliably and quickly.

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