7 Qualities That Can Make You Indispensable in the Real Estate Market

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  1. Agents / Brokers have to be good listeners not talkers. Big talkers miss small clues that can bring a negotiation together in the client’s favour.
  2. Professional Agents / Brokers are mostly good negotiators and have a personable and assertive manner. They can disagree with clients, without being offensive.
  3. Agents / Brokers who handle themselves professionally when asked to reduce their commission are favored most by the clients.
  4. Best Agents / Brokers for sellers are those who have credibility for being straight and fair with buyers in the market-place. Telling a buyer that they can buy a property for 50 lacs when the seller’s reserve is 60 lacs will usually back-fire to everyone’s detriment.
  5. Though Agents / Brokers have a duty to act in the seller’s best interests, this does not mean they should use duplicitous or unfair tactics on buyers. If they do so, they will probably have a credibility issue in the market-place.
  6. Clients prefer the Agents / Brokers who give decisive market intelligence instead of employing a high pressure sales tactic.
  7. Clients prefer Agents / Brokers who are able to share images of the property before the scheduled visit.




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